Photo Classes

So I'm currently unemployed (I just got back from some traveling) and while I'm looking for a job I thought I'd take a photo class. I'd like to further develop my eye, my composition, and my technique. I looked at the local community college (SCCC), and it seems like all the classes are either really elementary, or are film based.

Can anyone suggest classes, professors, etc?


- John

Job Opening

Since running for Pope didn't turn out too well, I'm going to toss my hat in the ring for Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

I figure if I send out enough resumes, something's bound to come through.

Here's how it should have read

The poor editors at The Seattle Times must be terribly over worked, because they made a glaring oversight right there on the front page.

I've been kind enough to correct to correct it. Thank you.

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Dan Savage of Savage Love and I had an exchange tonight:

Dan Savage: I've been sent to see if you're gay or straight.

Me: Huh, what do you think?

Dan Savage: It doesn't matter what I think, I'm old and married.

Me: I'd be really honored to know what you think.

Dan Savage: I think you're straight.

Me: I am, in fact, straight. Who was asking?

Dan Savage: I am sworn to secrecy. I can't say who was asking.

Me: ***sigh***

After watching the debates...

This comes from Talking Points Memo, a left leaning politcal blog. I think it hits on exactly how I think the debate went tonight.

"If you look at the dynamics of this race and the small but durable lead President Bush has built up over the last month, it comes less from people becoming more enamored of President Bush or his policies as it has from a steep decline in confidence in Sen. Kerry.

To put it bluntly, the Bush campaign has created an image of Kerry as a weak and indecisive man, someone that -- whatever you think of President Bush -- just can't be trusted to keep the country safe in these dangerous times.

Often they've made him into an object of contempt.

Whatever else you can say about this debate, though, whatever you think of his policies, I don't think that's how Kerry came off. I think he came off as forceful and direct. And I suspect that most people who were at all genuinely undecided came away from the 90 minutes with that impression.

If President Bush's current lead is built not upon confidence in him or his policies but in a simple belief that Kerry isn't solid enough to be president, then I think this performance could help Kerry a good deal."

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Oops. I missed a day. Here's five since I was deliquent.

Andy Goldsworthy, Dandelions</a>

Andy Goldsworthy, Broken Pebbles</a>

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Oops. I missed a day. Here's five since I was deliquent.

<img src="">
<b>Andy Goldsworthy, Dandelions</a>

<img src="">
<b>Andy Goldsworthy, Broken Pebbles</a>

<img src=""
<b>Andy Goldsworthy, Cherry Leaves</a>

<img src="">
<b>Andy Goldsworthy, Soul of a Tree</a>

<img src="">
<b>Andy Goldsworthy, Rowan Leaves with Hole</a>